How Does Your Story Fit Into God’s Grand Story?

Did you know that your life story is worthy of becoming a part of God’s grand story? It’s true, because our spiritual hunger is real. We long for something greater than ourselves. We yearn to make a difference. We want significance in our small story as it pertains to the larger, cosmic drama of life. We crave meaning, worth, purpose, and genuine connections to others. All of these emotional tracks make up the life record of who we are. They are events. They are relationships. They are uncluttered, courageous—, messy, and mortifying. Not one of our stories is the same. Yet God wants us to be a part of his story. My story includes all of the above, but for many years I wasn’t truthful …

After I became a Christian, I lied. I was ashamed of my past, so when sitting in a church pew alongside other Christians, guilt prevented me from telling the truth. For example, I couldn’t imagine myself meeting someone for the first time, shaking their hand, and saying, “Hi, I’m Carol. I’ve been married three times, and have three children from my first husband, one from my second, and my third husband took pity on me and adopted my children as his own.” And yet, that’s my story. The courage to stop lying came from the fact that I only needed to please God, not other people. And guess what? He already knew my story, but still loved me.

The Creation Story (Genesis 1:1-31) involves the universe, so God’s story is immense, without boundaries, and true. Those who don’t read the Bible should try it sometime, and those who don’t believe it… well, that’s a choice. The Bible stories are applicable to our lives in the twenty-first century, even though they happened over 2,000 years ago. Each of our stories, as miniscule as they are, are completed, and complemented by God’s story, even as gigantic as it is. So try to think of yourself as one star, one ROCK star—in one galaxy in the observable universe, in which more than 100 billion galaxies exist. To God, we are all ROCK stars. That’s how much he loves us. Moreover, by immersing ourselves in the story of Jesus Christ and biblical history, we understand those earlier events so well that Scripture shapes and illuminates our lives.

Interestingly, our true stories aren’t what people see, because they radiate from our heart. People who’ve divorced themselves from the heartbeats of life may sometimes feel themselves disintegrating, because of their inability to listen to their heart. They live their life story externally, and although we don’t get to see their internal story, it’s there.

And since our heart is the seat of our emotions, affections, intellect, and will, they are the finishing touches to our story. They give it dimension; make it desirable and decent—including the foibles and fractures.

Telling our story is the best thing we can do to explain how God has changed us and made us one of his beloved children.

So, yes your story fits into God’s grand story (read more…)

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