DACA: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

When I heard that President Trump discontinued DACA starting in March, 2018 I wanted to cry. I was angry. I don’t understand the dumping of this one program that addresses illegal immigration in a practical and beneficial way.

As I steer away from the ongoing story of the four-eyed girl, must share my perspective on this plan, which will be a detriment to our society.

According to Kate Shellnut, Christianity Today writer, “Attorney General Jeff Sessions called DACA—which allowed 800,000 young immigrant ‘Dreamers’ to obtain temporary legal status and enter the workforce over the past five years—‘unconstitutional’ and an ‘overreach of the executive branch.’ He said the program led to a surge of young immigrants at the border with Mexico, and ultimately allowed undocumented workers to take jobs from Americans.”[1]

Is there no law to support this important change in our immigration policies? Of course not, because the two political parties can’t work together to pass legislation for items such as this. If President Trump had been the one to start the DACA program, would Sessions have called the program “unconstitutional” or an “overreach of the executive branch”? Of course not.

Pushing the constitution aside for a moment let me ask a few pertinent questions:

  1. If your parents fled their country, taking you and your siblings with them, due to political unrest, fear of murder because of their religion, no food, water, or jobs, would you agree that you are just as guilty as they are?
  2. Do you think your younger siblings should forget about their dreams of being an astrophysicist, a doctor, or astronaut, when they see you ready to graduate college with honors next spring?
  3. When it comes to “undocumented workers taking jobs from Americans,” how many Americans do you know that would willingly do some of the jobs the undocumented workers have taken?

There is no doubt that illegal immigration is a problem in America, but if lawmakers had been gutsy enough thirty years ago to devise workable solutions, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in today. It’s the same thing with health care, Medicare, and Social Security. Instead of recognizing problems and fixing them, the legislature skirts the issues that might hurt their constituents, and fear they won’t be re-elected.

What spineless people some of them have turned out to be. Certainly not what we thought we were electing twenty or more years ago.

I would vote for term limits, wouldn’t you?

I wonder what the seven astronauts, who are naturalized citizens: Chamitoff (Canada), Chang-Diaz (Costa Rica), Chawla (India), Foale, Johnson, Patrick, and Sellers (United Kingdom), Lopez-Alegria (Spain), Noriega (Peru), and Thomas (Australia)[2] think of DACA.

Of course, we might also wonder what Hamdi Ulukaya, the Turkish born founder and CEO of Chobani Yogurt, the #1 best-selling strained yogurt brand in America thinks of DACA. Ulukaya just “launched a program to give away up to 10% of Chobani’s equity to his workers and instituted a generous six-week parental-leave policy.”[3]  “The company’s staff hails from more than 15 countries. Almost one in three is an immigrant.”[4]

What — does President Trump think immigrants are stupid?

Although this may seem trite — what would Jesus do with the DACA immigrants who President Trump wants to punish because their parents brought them to America illegally?

Please, please, pray with me that President Trump will rethink his position on DACA and have nerve enough to admit his mistake.




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