Dangerous Decisions

Now fourteen, with no eyeglasses, and noticing boys, the teenager in this story was about to make some life altering decisions. She began to cut class now and then, her grades started to slip and one of her girlfriends whom she smoked with introduced her to an “older man.” At nineteen, he drove fancy cars, was “absolutely gorgeous,” and it was love … uh … infatuation at first sight.

He picked her up from school every day in his corvette, they started dating, and they stayed out late at night to make out. When he asked her to go steady, her dad said no until she explained that her new boyfriend didn’t smoke or drink.

“Well, if he doesn’t smoke or drink, I guess it’s okay.” Of course, mom, the quintessential peacekeeper agreed with her husband.

His family was wealthy, they had lots of fancy cars, they went to family parties, and everyone just loved the sad teenager. Of course, they had no idea how sad she was. She had no idea how sad she was, or why. Maybe she didn’t know that she wished her parents had said, “No you can’t go steady with him. He’s too old for you.” On the other hand, it’s possible that she wanted her parents to come watch her in the plays, when she was cheerleading, or playing softball.

She knew they were busy. Dad, with building his business, and mom, helping the older sister in Job’s Daughters. Of course, the sad girl wasn’t the least bit interested in Job’s Daughters, even though her dad was heavily involved in the Masons.

The pieces were in the wrong places in this family chess match. The parents trusted the steady boyfriend and their youngest daughter so much, that she had no curfew. They assumed she told the truth when she said she had gotten home at eleven, when in reality it was 2:00 A.M. The boyfriend’s parents treated him like a normal nineteen-year-old, so he had no curfew. They did remark, “She’s so young. Don’t you think she’s too young for you?”

“No, not at all. She’s very mature for her age.”

“Oh, okay. Then that’s fine.”

One time, the boyfriend’s mother asked him why there were scratches on the sides of her Cadillac, “like the car had gone through some high weeds.”

“I don’t know. I sure didn’t do it.”

During the summer, his parents invited the “young girl” to go with them for a few weeks to Kansas where the boyfriend and his father were working. “She could spend time with his younger sister during the day, going to pool.”

Her parents said, “Oh sure. Sounds like fun.”

And off they went. The boyfriend, his mom, his dad, his younger sister, and the “young girl” his steady girlfriend.

To be continued …


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