Misbehavin’ Daddy

Of course, I should be telling about Mom, Dad, and Two Babies Makes Four. However, that would mislead the reader into thinking something that wasn’t in this episode of the life God rescued, restored, and reconciled to himself, so that she could live beautifully in spite of the brokenness in the world (read more …http://carolflohrgiles.com/2017/08/our-stories-and-lives-matter).

Let’s not forget that this teen mom, now sixteen-years-old, with a 15-month old baby girl and a newborn baby girl, brought a substantial amount of grief, isolation, and anxiety into her life through her stubbornness and know-it-all attitudes. On the other hand, she nourished her two babies well; she took care of them alone and without any help from their father. She functioned effectively, and with as much love as she knew from her own childhood. Despite the fact that she was sixteen years old, her two babies were all she had and she knew it.

While the babies’ father gallivanted around the country for work, she hung in there. When he was home, he wasn’t home. Running around with his friends, working on cars and street racing became his way of coping. If he didn’t have to be with his young wife and two babies, his responsibilities remained null and void. He must have thought about this, thinking, “Well, I can’t feed or diaper them, so I don’t really have to be there. Besides, she pays them a lot more attention than me, so why stick around. At least I’m putting food on the table.”

At one point, the authorities issued a warrant for the twenty-one-year-old father’s arrest. He spent some time in jail. He had no driver’s license. He didn’t work. There was no money. Finally, after his release from jail, he began working in town. So the teen mom got up early in the morning to feed the babies, drag them out to her car, take him to work, and repeat the same thing over again at dinnertime, then come home and fix dinner. She reminded herself, “Well at least he’s working now. This situation is temporary and if I can miscarry a baby and birth a baby alone, I can do this too.”

Another incident came about that made her think, “I might as well say I have three children to take care of.” Her third child … uh … husband had talked his mother into letting him use her car. Even though he had no license. He “just wanted to have one night out with his friends,” he told her. Arrested and taken to a holding room on the second floor of the judicial building, the officers locked the door and left him alone. Not wanting to disappoint his mother, he slyly opened the window, jumped out two stories below onto the sidewalk and ran. In the meantime, the local television stations aired the story and the only thing the sixteen-year-old mom thought when her parents called and told her they had seen the story was, “I can’t believe this. At least the babies weren’t old enough to see it on television and know that their father did such a thing.”

To be continued …

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