What a Handsome Couple

The parents in this life story went to high school together. They had more fun than a “barrel of monkeys.” They dated, danced, went to the carnival, and had their picture taken in a photo booth. Soon after high school, they married. His parents weren’t happy. Her parents were less happy. “You know you’re too young, you’re not marrying just him, but his family as well,” her dad said. Much later, she would say, “I’d rather be miserable part of the time with him than miserable all of the time without him.”

After their understated wedding ceremony, they moved into a small house on his parent’s property—not all was bliss. Her husband’s mother didn’t like her, and she felt it acutely. However, rather than confronting his mother, her husband started his lifetime career in metal and steel fabricating by going to trade school at night and working during the day. The mold was cast, and neither one of them saw the threat of discord and despondency that would follow.

Their firstborn, a daughter perfectly created as are all of God’s children, provided new responsibilities for his wife, while the husband became engrossed in his work. He looked forward to a son in the future, while she worried about doing everything with her baby just right to please her husband and his mother.

A little less than 5 years later, the second daughter, whom this story is about, arrived. By this time, they had relocated into their own home. Everything was coming together as a family.

Then came the war …

The girls’ father served in World War II as a German translator. For their mom, a difficult time ensued because the most important person in her life had left her and went off to fight the war. The mom relied heavily on her parents to help her through. It helped when one of her husband’s sisters moved in with her, because her husband had also gone to war. They had fun playing cards, watching each other’s children and waited …

Once the war was over, the girls’ workaholic dad restarted his career, again taking a toll on the family, because he wasn’t home most of the time. He was either working or going to school. Still, in his mind, if he was ever going to provide for his family he needed to keep up with new classes in his chosen field, while working 40-50 hours a week.

The “four eyed” girl went to elementary school along with her sister and then one day when she was seven years old—a life-altering event took place.

To be continued …

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