The Burned Envelope

The four-eyed girl had started her fourth school in five years. Embarrassment over the “row house” was acute at the new school. Kids living in the suburbs were rich weren’t they? One of the rich girls handed the four-eyed girl a burned envelope one day after school. She took it, held it in her hand, and cried all the way home.

Mama said, “Well how do you know the girl doesn’t like you?”

“Because she gave me this burned up envelope. That’s how!”

“Well, let’s open it and see what’s inside.” As the burnt piece of paper slid out of the burnt envelope, the preteen girl’s eyes watered. She cried and cried.

“Look Mama! It’s an invitation to a Halloween party.”

One of the rich girls had actually invited the new kid to a Halloween party!

“Then why are you crying?” asked Mama.

“Oh I don’t know. You know how much I cry over everything. Daddy’s always calling me a crybaby. You know that.”

“Well, just don’t cry anymore.”

For the first time in the four-eyed girl’s life, she started mingling with other kids, although she still felt she was quite different from them. By this time, her eyesight had improved enough that she didn’t need to wear glasses anymore. What a relief that was.

She played “Little Miss Buttercup” in the HMS Pinafore play in 6th grade. In 7th grade, her classmates elected her cheerleader, and she had many friends. The family had finally moved into the “big and beautiful” house. She went to football games on Friday nights, had friends over for a slumber party, and started to notice boys. She went to charm school with her girlfriends and participated in teenage fashion shows in the city.

Regardless, she still suffered from overwhelming sadness, especially when she first got out of bed in the morning or whenever she thought her hair was ugly. She hoped people wouldn’t notice that one calf was smaller than the other. There were times when she crouched in the corner of her bedroom screaming, “Just leave me alone!” to whomever was trying to help her.

When her dad’s business became very successful, her parents went on weekend trips with their friends to places like Las Vegas, while her sister went on dates with her steady boyfriend.

This is when the sad teenager started to steal her mother’s car. Alone and lonely over the weekends her parents were gone; it felt good to punish her parents.

To be continued…



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