When was the last time you needed rescue, renewal, and restoration? CTC

Excerpt From Chapter Seven:

So, how do we sinners, living in the presence of God, keep from sinning? We don’t; we concentrate on allowing Christ to live through us. We change our ways. We give up our old self, take on our new self, and submit ourselves to him. This is a complex and difficult concept for all of us, because submission implies power, control, and rule on the part of someone other than ourselves.

Submission to God takes us beyond ourselves and blesses us. As sinners, when we give ourselves up to God, we begin a new path that creates in us the holiness we subconsciously crave. It gives us freedom to flow into the shape God originally designed for us. The old self depletes itself, and the new self grows into God’s intended mold. Eventually our daily surrender becomes the most, not the least, and we live surrounded by God’s love and peace.


I invite you to journey with me, as we discover together

how to live beautifully in a broken world.

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CALMING THE CHAOS: How to Live Beautifully in a Broken World



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