Instant Family of Six

Single mom and older man had an engagement event that was understated, but meaningful and memorable. During their pre-engagement period, they had looked at several wedding sets, and single mom picked out one that she really liked because it was simple but elegant in an unusual way with a rather small solitaire diamond. This was very special for her, because she hadn’t been formally engaged before. She hadn’t had the excitement of wearing a diamond engagement ring prior to being married.

The proposal happened on a usual evening. Older man came over after work. The six of them ate dinner together, and after putting the children to bed, he began to fiddle with the cushions in the sofa. After what seemed like five minutes (it was probably more like thirty seconds), he pulled out a small ring box from under the cushions, opened it, and asked single mom to marry him. Of course, she said yes, but had quite an unexpected surprise when older man put the ring on her finger. He had instructed the jeweler to replace the very small diamond in the ring single mom picked out, with a larger diamond he had purchased while stationed in Bangkok, Thailand. He had been wearing that nearly perfect diamond in a pinky ring for many years, and, for single mom, this was a connection—it was as if she had been right there with him all those many years while he savored the stone and set it aside for just the right girl.

There wasn’t a fancy night out on the town, or any announcement in the newspaper. No party. However, this engagement was a first, in very different ways, for both of us. Our commitment centered on mutual respect, friendship, and love. However, the most important thing was the unspoken individual awareness, that what they had was something mysterious, something neither one of them could fully comprehend.

After their wedding ceremony, older man took the family to an elegant restaurant for dinner, which was quite an undertaking considering his meager air force salary, but he wanted this marriage event, his first and only, to be more than just a date to be remembered, but something significant and excellent. The newlyweds had a brief, but lovely honeymoon in the mountains west of Colorado Springs. They took great pleasure in the short amount of time they had alone, before they became an instant family of six.

To be continued …

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