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When misbehavin’ daddy came home, his good wife was gone. He read her note, called his mother, and was shocked when his mom said, “I knew she was filing for a divorce. She stopped by and told me this afternoon.” Not one to admit fault, he blamed his mother-in-law. He thought, “She never liked me from the start.”

When the good wife filed for a divorce, she used one of her dad’s corporate attorneys. A couple of weeks later, she was numbed by her suspicion that she might be pregnant again. She called her attorney to advise him of the situation after receiving confirmation of her pregnancy from her doctor. The fact that her doctor was a practicing Catholic might explain why he had never counseled her about birth control.

After telling her attorney that she was, indeed pregnant, he asked her if she intended to go through with the divorce and she told him, “Yes. My mind is made up.” Her husband and others asked her the same question. She held firm in her decision. She just wished she had made it a little sooner.

She moved into an apartment with a living/dining room, small kitchen, two bedrooms, and one bath. As she awaited the birth of her third baby, she determined that she couldn’t possibly be any worse off than she was before. She had been living like a single parent anyway, except that now she wouldn’t have the additional burden of caring for a grown man-child.

She struggled financially, because there was very little child support. Her days were dismal, but she had her children to keep her focused. Furthermore, she was thankful that the people around her hadn’t turned their backs on her.

Quite the contrary, her dad offered her a part-time job once the baby was born and her best friend from high school lined her up with a roommate, which helped tremendously. Her neighbor that lived directly behind her, offered to watch all three babies while she worked on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

With grandma watching the two baby girls, she went to the hospital and gave birth to her first son. She was in the hospital a couple of days, and when her mom picked her up from the hospital, she brought her daughter and three grandchildren to their apartment and stayed for lunch. Then she left to go home and take care of her workaholic husband.

The teenage single mom turned eighteen two weeks after her baby boy was born.

To be continued …

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