The Adoptions

The newlywed mom was receiving love from a man like nothing she had ever experienced before. He cheerfully guided the children and loved them without reservation. However, there were still difficulties, as they worked through the adjustments needed to blend their family.

Even though the newlyweds’ relationship was on an even keel, they were dealing with a quandary. They thought they should take the necessary steps for the newlywed older man to adopt all four children. He wasn’t at all hesitant; he wanted to make the children his own, in terms of the law, just as they were in his heart. There was too much confusion surrounding the three older children having a different last name than their younger sibling, and none of the children having the same last name as their father and mother.

The biological father of the three older children was adamant that he would not give permission for an adoption to take place. By this time, he had divorced his second wife, remarried again, with children from both marriages.

“No way. I am not going to give permission for you to adopt those kids. They belong to me, and they’re mine.”

“But you never see them. You don’t even send them birthday cards,” newlywed mom pleaded.

“That doesn’t matter. They’re my kids, and I am not going to sign them away to some other man.”

Newlywed older man sat quietly, thinking, and listening to the argument. He tried to reason with the father, and said, “You know I’m the one that gets up with them in the middle of the night when they’re sick, and I’m the one that holds my breath when I see them run out into the street after a ball. So why aren’t you willing to let them go? You have two other families with several other children.”

“It doesn’t matter. I will not sign.”

The youngest child’s biological father couldn’t be found. After looking at the different scenarios, three children from one father and the fourth child from another, with one father refusing to give his permission for adoption, it was clear that this process was going to take some time, legal assistance, and patience.

The attorney handling the case knew there had been little or no child support since the divorce and absolutely nothing since remarrying. He told the newlyweds to “Just sit back, and wait. Don’t say anything about support, and in a few months, we’ll petition the court to grant the adoption anyway.”

After waiting for some time, the adoption proceeded. The newlyweds posted a legal notice in the newspaper to inform the youngest’s biological father of the pending adoption. He didn’t contact them, so the adoptions went through without a hitch. A new birth certificate came through the mail for each child. The new family felt relieved to share the same last name. It helped the children in school, and rightly or wrongly, it helped the newlywed mom bury her past.

To be continued…


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