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Excerpt from Chapter Ten:

The culmination of our discussions about faith lead us to worldview thinking. Just like any other compelling new word, “worldview” has begun to show signs of misuse and misinterpretation. For example, Del Tackett, president of the Focus Leadership Institute, in his article “What’s Your View of the World?” wrote: “I have heard people use it [worldview] as a synonym for personality, as in ‘She has such a delightful worldview.’ You have undoubtedly heard it—maybe even used it. But do you know what it means?”

Our worldview is an interpretive grid from which we form answers. Exploring and evaluating questions such as, “What is the nature of reality?”, “Who or what am I?”, “What is good for me?”, “How do I know?” and “Can we test it?” helps us identify our worldview. And yes, we can test it.


I invite you to journey with me, as we discover together

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CALMING THE CHAOS: How to Live Beautifully in a Broken World

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