Faithful Neighbors

Abnormal woman’s aunt and uncle, and some of her neighbors were more serious about their faith. To her witnessing neighbors, abnormal woman was part of the “mission field.” She was the lost soul. Each neighbor gave personal declarations of their faith through words shared, and living examples of what it means to have a relationship with Christ.

There was her next-door neighbor, whose husband was an army chaplain. Her next-door neighbor had a congenital foot or leg problem that left her with a much shorter leg requiring a special elevated shoe on that foot. Even with her special shoe, she still had a severe limp when she walked. Regardless, she was unconcerned about how her physical impairment affected her abilities and appearance. She relied on God, and cared more about what she had and less about what she didn’t have. That was inspirational for abnormal woman to see, and this neighbor helped abnormal woman look at living in Seoul, South Korea, with a positive attitude by saying, “How exciting!” She knew that a life with Jesus could be exhilarating, anywhere in the world.

Abnormal woman also had a brief faith encounter with her neighbor that lived across the street, and a few houses down. Abnormal woman remembered her neighbor’s words verbatim as she told abnormal woman about “finding faith.” This neighbor stood on the front porch and said, “It’s like opening your wallet and finding a $5 bill in it for the first time! It’s always been there, you’re just now finding it!”

However, the best and most enduring witness about faith came from abnormal woman’s aunt. Her aunt’s life had its difficulties, except that her hardships brought her more grief than what the average person has to endure. To witness her steadfast love for God in the midst of enormous pain and sorrow inspired abnormal woman. She contemplated what it would be like to follow her aunt’s example.

The two families had wonderful times together, sharing meals, going on hikes and having barbecues. They had long conversations about faith. During these discussions, abnormal woman was belligerent toward her aunt and uncle’s explanations of faith. Still, they loved her and didn’t give up on her. Their actions backed up their words, and they were an enduring witness of God’s love to abnormal woman.

To be continued …



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