Two-Time Loser


For the first time in her life, the single mom was living in a city alone, away from family and friends. She alone had the responsibility of four children, three girls and one boy, ages seven, six, five, and sixteen months, fathered by two different men, one long gone and the other not paying one penny of child support. She went to work, maintained a house, kept her car running, mowed grass in the summer, and shoveled snow in the winter.

There were also meals to cook, laundry for a family of five, cleaning to do, bills to pay. She was twenty-three. Her life was tough, but after keeping it together for a few months, she felt like she could tackle anything. Good thing too. It wasn’t long before bad luck made an unannounced visit to her checkbook.

Her entire life experience as a single mother was about to blow her life apart.

Since the IRS couldn’t find con man, and single mom was easy to track down, they would get their money for his taxes from her. The call came as she walked in the door after a long day at work. It was the bank.

“The IRS filed a tax lien against your checking account. All of the money is gone. We could not keep them from taking every penny. The good news is that we didn’t tell them about your savings.”

Ouch! Her mind was reeling. Checks will bounce. Rent. Utilities. The money she had been saving to file for a divorce, was going to be gone. Unfortunately, her savings had only $110.00 until her next payday. That was not going to go very far toward the checks that were sure to bounce after buying food and gas.

She personally went to each bad check recipient and told the truth. She offered to pay off their particular check at a rate of five to fifteen dollars a week, depending on the amount of the check, until every cent was paid back. They were all very kind and compassionate, giving the single mom the benefit of the doubt. There wasn’t one person that pressed charges against her.

As hard as this circumstance was, it turned out to be a magnificent way for the single mom to learn about independence, perseverance, and belief in herself.

It was a new beginning.

To be continued …


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