My Writing

With my biblical studies degree in hand … I know,  it seems odd to receive a college degree at age 70, but that’s what happened when God freed me to be myself.

Once out of college, books swirled in my head. One book about Christina Bell Cantor, a twenty-first century take on the allegorical classic Pilgrim’s Progress, took over a year to write the first draft.

After three trusted people I love reviewed it, and said, “It’s too dark, people don’t read allegory now-a-days, non-Christians won’t understand it, and maybe you should turn it into a novel,” I set it aside.

Shortly thereafter, the escalation of violence at home and abroad, the nasty political scene, and the immoral corruption going on in the world made me sadder each day.

Reflecting on the changes I saw in the world, I came to a startling conclusion. Our Christian faith is being lampooned on a daily basis, we can no longer assume that persons calling themselves Christians in the twenty-first century are living the faith as God intended.

Calming the Chaos: Living Beautiful in a Broken World is my humble attempt to make all people, including Christians, aware of the slippery slope we try to navigate, while society crumbles around us.

I draw from personal examples and stories to explain the trouble we are in, culturally, politically, and morally.

The world needs this book.

I will keep you posted.