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Traveling to the Holy City: A Collection of Poems About Two Spiritual Journeys

A soul wrenching, glorious book of poetry that depicts two spiritual journeys told in the truth of where we have been, where we are, and where we are going. It is a collection of poems written over a period of several years in which the author learned a new and illuminating discovery, actually a phenomenon — that Jesus Christ has always loved us, loves us now, and will love us forever — in spite of our human condition.

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The Art of Forgiveness

Minor disagreements and major disunity in our relationships are an unpleasant fact. We cannot escape regrettable circumstances in which two people turn from each other, and in an instant, one or both regret it. The ensuing insults to our well-being grow over time, and in some instances can make us sick—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

However, the strand of forgiveness that intertwines Old Testament Scripture, stories, and prophecy with New Testaments verses, parables, and events provides us with a blueprint for living in virtually every life conflict, whether it’s between spouses, parents and children, coworkers, and friends.

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Calming the Chaos: How to Live Beautifully in a Broken World

Let’s be honest. Ugliness lurks all around—even inside us if people really knew us. And the world we live in reflects that ugliness. Deep within all of us lies a craving for contentment and value. We want life to work. With each passing headline of doom, disgrace, and depravity, we wonder how long before we can inhale the refreshing aroma of a new kind of love. Learn how you can discover renewed wholeness in body, mind, and spirit…and flourish. Living beautifully in this ugly world is possible, and the time is now.

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Call of the Potter

A young girl, born with a club foot, grows up with no self-worth. She becomes rebellious and makes  life-altering negative choices in an effort to earn respect. It is only after she understands God’s love for her that she seeks him fully. Thus, a life-long journey begins, taking her into a relationship with God that offers not only respect, but unconditional love.

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Loving God More: Through Exploring His Attributes

The best way to explore God’s character is to describe his features, personality, qualities, traits, and distinctions. Perhaps the best way to look at him so intimately and know more about him is to examine his attributes, those things that make him different from us. It explains why he loves and protects us. It’s like knowing our earthly father—only better, because he will always be with us.


Many humans love their dogs more than they love other humans, because we dogs love them in spite of dire circumstances or happy times. We are a lot of fun, don’t ask questions, and greet our human parents with joy when they come home, even if they’ve left us alone all day. We dogs teach humans about love, commitment, and trust. We understand them better than they understand themselves. If societies throughout the world cared for other humans the way we dogs care for them, our world would be more loving and less confrontational—people wouldn’t try to grasp power at the expense of others—and their other human relationships would be healthier.