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Calming the Chaos: How to Live Beautifully in a Broken World

Deep within our souls lies a craving for contentment and value. We want life to work, in spite of the ugliness. With each passing headline of doom, disgrace, and depravity, we wonder how long it will be before we can breathe in the freshness of new love for one another, knowing that we will not live long enough for that to happen. We need to find a better way for ourselves. Calming the Chaos explores universal concepts from which we learn to flourish, and achieve renewed wholeness in mind, body, and spirit. Living beautifully in this ugly world is possible, and the time is now.

The impetus for writing Calming the Chaos came from my reflections on the changes I saw in the world, I came to a startling conclusion. Our Christian faith is being lampooned on a daily basis, we can no longer assume that persons calling themselves Christians in the twenty-first century are living the faith as God intended.

Calming the Chaos: Living Beautiful in a Broken World is my humble attempt to make all people, including Christians, aware of the slippery slope we try to navigate, while society crumbles around us.

I draw from personal examples and stories to explain the trouble we are in, culturally, politically, and morally.

The world needs this book.

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A Memoir: Call of the Potter


Entangled by low self-esteem as a teenager, I made foolish life-altering decisions that settled into my psyche for over half of my adult life. I lived with  unresolved anger, sadness, and regret, until I finally realized I desperately needed to rid myself of these life debilitating emotions. Writing about my journey morphed into a therapeutic tool that eventually led me into a deeper relationship with God from which I gained wholeness in spirit, mind, and body. Call of the Potter tells my story from the moment I was born.

“In the early sixties, a single mom had a following. Well-meaning neighbors and friends took up the cause, and I found myself going on blind dates that left me wanting to cringe from embarrassment and scream, “Don’t you see? I’m of a different quality.” On the other hand, I put myself in some low life circumstances, and dangerous situations because I had forced myself into a humdrum existence. I craved acceptance and I was willing to try anything to get it.” (Excerpt from Call of the Potter)

For women who are plagued by the consequences of searching for love in all the wrong places, this book will encourage and lead to forgiveness of self and those who’ve contributed to the negative circumstances many women are forced to live in.

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