“The Art of Forgiveness is a learned skill from which all of humanity receives benefit. When we forgive one another, our relationships become new again—just as when God forgives us, our relationship with him is renewed and restored.” (Excerpt from Introduction)

The questionnaire in the back of this E-book helps us discover how willing we are to forgive those who’ve assaulted us physically, mentally, and spiritually. More important, how to forgive ourselves.

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                                        EXPLORE GOD’S ATTRIBUTES


A 14-Day Bible Journal Challenge: “The best way to explore God’s character is to describe his features, personality, qualities, traits, and distinctions. Perhaps the best way to look at him  intimately and know more about him is to examine his attributes, those things that make him different from us. It explains why he loves and protects us. It’s like knowing our earthly father—only better, because he will always be with us.” (Excerpt from introduction)

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