The Promised Book!


We see and hear the headlines every day:


The massacre in Las Vegas killed 58 people and wounded 489 who were crowded together into one field.

Oregon girl, 15, and her lover killed teen’s dad because he disapproved of relationship.

Officer accused of sexually assaulting woman he was supposed to be taking home.

Sickened by these events, we wring our hands, we attend vigils, we light candles, but nothing seems to change. The daily tragedies continue and we go on with our lives, wondering how and when the brokenness in our world will stop.

As human beings, it’s demoralizing and exhausting. It’s easy to give up or ignore the downward spiral in our world, just to maintain our sanity. But there’s a better path, and that’s what I explore in my new book, Calming the Chaos: How to live Beautifully in a Broken World.

When the world surrounds us with unimaginable acts of terror, we need comfort. We need genuine love, connections with people who care for us, and a stable dimension in our lives. That’s what this book is about: how to deepen our relationship with the living God and apply a biblical perspective to our daily lives.

Of course, this book isn’t for everyone. But as someone who has found a great sense of peace by applying its principles to my life, my hope is that you will find the same level of comfort in your life as I do.

Calming the Chaos speaks to the daunting realities of our world today. I share a few personal life experiences that provide a vivid background for why I felt compelled to write about how my newly formed passion for Christ gave me strength and a different perspective, even after years of living a “Christian life.”   


The world needs this book. It launches on October 21, 2017 and will be available in hard copy and eBook formats on Amazon and other booksellers nationwide. Stay tuned for timed special offers, discounts, and free downloads for your electronic devices.
















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